How’s it going?

Here we are 12 days into the year. So far it’s pretty crazy giving 2020 a run for the money. Who would have thought now we’d have the government in disarray on top of the pandemic and everything else we had to deal with last year. Free speech is under attack, people are pissed off and Biden is stirring the pot. Maybe everybody needs to smoke some pot, ha! No telling what’s going to happen but it doesn’t take a lot of people to be stupid and cause Country wide problems. The kids and I were driving home and I told them an off color joke and they both said that if anyone said that in public they’d get cancelled. Talking about this, we all agreed that many people have lost their minds but to my surprise, both boys said a lot of people and a lot of their friends don’t agree with the whole cancel culture thing. That was good to hear. Maybe there is some hope for us after all.

The root of the problem is social media. It’s created this platform where one voice can seem like millions. Couple that with people searching for change and not thinking for themselves and it’s easy to see how the mob mentality takes hold. Without these platforms we wouldn’t have any of this. Independent thought would flourish and individualism would be revered. Today though most younger people join up with any movement that challenges the status quo. In the case of the election, the disenfranchised are doing the same. 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable to imagine crowds anywhere in America protesting to the degree they do today. It just never happened. It’s a different World and it needs to stop. Big tech needs to be broken up and smaller companies and start ups need to be able to compete. Right now the stranglehold or monopoly the big guys like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon have on us is not only not fair but dangerous. I’ll stop now but need to get this here so when the kids read it 20 or 30 years from now they’ll understand what happened. 2020 and so far 2021 are years for the history books! Unless of course the cancel culture cancels history too, ha.

Lori is working in Edwards today and I have two ABR’s (annual business reviews), one with Michigan and the other with Oregon. Jag and I went to Minturn yesterday to get Robi’s old dresser out of the garage and then we picked Ty up from school on the way home. This morning I’ll pick up a hand truck and a large picture of Mom that looks like a pencil drawing. It’s a little bit creepy as her eyes look like they follow you when you’re looking at it. Still though, I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Then everything will be out of Minturn.

Ty’s birthday is Sunday! 17 years old! He’s off Monday as it’s Martin Luther King day. I think he has two buddies coming up from Denver for the weekend. It’s his golden birthday meaning he turns 17 on the 17th. We have a tradition that on your golden birthday you get one ounce of gold! Jag’s has been in the safe since he turned 17 and I have one for Ty too.

6:48 and time for me to get going. Be well, stay safe, fill your car with gas and get some extra food. Just trust me on this one. You need to be prepared for anything between now and the 20th. Forever the Boy Scout, ha. God Bless.

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