Well well well…..

First off, no snow up here. It’s clear and cool, I think they just said zero degrees, but it doesn’t feel that cold. Mojo slept outside last night as he wouldn’t come in. Jag had four girls over, Rachel, Lexi, Katy and Hannah. They stayed until around midnight. Man are girls loud! Anyhow they had fun. Meanwhile Ty spent the night at Preston’s. We’ll get him at 9 am.

Yesterday I was in Denver for a quick trip. While I was driving home Lori called and asked what I was taking $100 a day out of the bank for. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said she had been receiving alerts on her phone (which I get too) of deposits and withdrawals. My first reaction, knowing I hadn’t been taking $100 a day out of the bank, was that we had been hacked. A month or so ago she used her debit card on line with some questionable company buying the boys some Christmas gift that never arrived. After 30 seconds of questioning her I figured out she was actually seeing the account alerts I have set up from Key Bank that send a daily text for any transaction over $100, ha. Breathing a sigh of relief that we were not hacked we both laughed. Now the real funny part is later that evening when we were talking I asked Lori how long she thought I had been taking $100 a day out of the bank. To my surprise, she said “oh about 8 months!” What? 8 months? And she’s just now saying something? Wow. Wish I had, that would have meant I had about $24,000 laying around. No such luck.

Today we’re off to the gym in two separate cars as Lori has a nail appointment at 10. Looks like some in person school is coming back in Denver. No such luck up here. Three more football games on today. Good games yesterday. Lots of work stuff this coming week. I need to finalize the financial model for the Company for the year.

That’s about it, time to get moving. Hope everyone is well. As an fyi, I’m done posting on social media. Time to get off that platform. Have a great day, God Bless.

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