Times a changing

Ok, it’s getting colder, the holidays are close and Robi’s birthday is this Friday! Check out this picture Ali sent of Ty and his buddy Matthew in 2008, priceless.

Ty asked “who’s the creepy dude behind us”? This was at Charlie Chalker’s house. They always had amazing kid parties. Matthew is on his way to being a top draft pick in the NFL as he’s way over 300 lbs now in high school and literally built like a brick house. Ty was Anniken Skywalker and Matthew was Obi wan kenobi for Halloween, fun times.

Last night Lee and Margaret and Robert and Lindsey along with their little boy who is 4 years old, Theodore, (named after Uncle Ted) came over for dinner. It was nice but poor Lori was stuck cooking. She’s amazing though. It’s like a restaurant when she has people over for dinner.

We countered on our latest offer on the townhome. Our relator is confident we’ll get a ton of action and offers. Hope he’s right. Ty is driving a lot and bugs us multiple times each day and night to go drive. He’ll want to drive to school this morning for sure.

There are a bunch of fires burning across the State. Denver and Boulder are really smoky. Luckily none up here. James is bow hunting in Wisconsin this week and Marty should get his appraisal this week so he can start moving in over in Silverthorne. We’re going to go vote in person this week. You can start voting in person as of today.

They say we have a big increase in covid cases but we don’t see that up here. Not sure where it is as Boulder is now dropping too. Hope this goes away soon as it’s getting old, really old.

Time to go, start working on your Halloween costume! We’ll have kids for sure up here. Lori put up a big scary spider web yesterday. Boo! Did I scare ya? God Bless.

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