Back on the market

Yesterday showings started again and we have a new offer. I think it’s a guy that made an offer before but he came up $20K. We haven’t seen it yet but if it’s what the relator said, he still needs to come up another $20K. Good news is we’re getting action.

Smoke in Denver and Boulder looks bad. It’s nice up here as we’re west and south of the fires. North Boulder even had some evacuations. We had our smoke a few months ago so no more for us. Time for snow, we need it bad.

Tonight Rick and Devon and their two kids are coming over for dinner. Cooper and Ty were on the same mountain bike team. We’ve known Rick and Devon forever and they’re really good people. Today I’d like to get over to the storage units and clean a bit more out. We need to go get a twin bed for Dixie to use when she comes for a visit. We’re figuring out when that is.

The news just had a segment saying truth and advertising laws don’t apply to political ads. Well surprise surprise. They says it’s all opinion and hyperbole, again, surprise surprise. Anyone who doesn’t know political ads are not true shouldn’t be able to vote. Good God.

What is surprising is our sitting Governor is doing political ads for another democratic candidate. I can’t remember seeing a current Governor in Colorado doing ads in an election. Way to be fair and represent all the people of Colorado. Wyoming is looking better and better every day.

Guess I’ll go before I get sucked in. Hope everyone is well, God Bless.

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