Yesterday at 4:30 we received a call asking if we could close on the sale of our townhome on Tuesday. 15 minutes later we received another call and learned the deal was off. Apparently our buyer had some credit card debt they didn’t disclose to the lender. Ugh. So back on the market we go with Minturn. Lucky we didn’t spend the money before we had it! Mom always said, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

Ty and I went to Denver to service the truck and while it was getting worked on, we drove up to Boulder to take Jag some groceries. Ty helped him carry them into his dorm and then helped Jag carry some trash out. I guess Jag’s room was pretty messy. No surprise there. Good that he has to either live with it or clean it. He must have hit the breaking point to clean it a bit. Girls don’t like messy rooms.

Lori made lasagna last night. We’ll probably freeze a good chunk of it. I’m headed to the gym at 7:30 and will meet Marty at the gas station on the way as he has some clients from Miami looking to fill up their wine cellar. Then we’ll take it easy around here. We were going to look for a coffee table but with Minturn falling apart, we’ll need to wait.

No politics today, they wear me out. So does the covid talk. We’ll just keep to ourselves and wash our hands and wear our masks. God Bless.

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