Need a break

Ever feel like you could use a break? Man, we could. Between the sale of the house falling through and everything else going on, times are tough. Not complaining as a lot of people are far worse off than us but man, we could use a break. All during this pandemic there’s been one constant, the bills keep coming. It’s amazing the whole World hasn’t shut down. If you think about it, things could be much much worse. Still, it’s not normal, there is no “new normal” and sooner or later we have to get back to living our lives. Oh well, I must have not got enough sleep right?

Ty was tired yesterday after school and went to bed early. Lori and I worked all day and Jag is studying away. I have a haircut today and a bunch of calls. I think Lori is in Vail. I made short ribs yesterday. Guess no one really likes them but me but they sure were good.

The ads on tv are getting downright comical. We have this one old wacko hard core democrat congresswoman who is basically mimicking Trump word for word in her ads and even putting the words INDEPENDENT, in all caps under her name at the end of the ad. Of course she’s a democrat but strategically using the word independent so people will think she’s an independent. What bullshit. Flat out trying to mislead voters as she knows her record and party affiliation in this part of the State is a negative. Sadly I don’t think people are smart enough to see through it and probably think she is an independent. What crap. Throw them all out.

Not sure what November will bring. Lori is supposed to go get her mom a couple days after the election. We’ll see how that goes. Guess I should feed the dogs. Ty can sleep in today. Hope everyone is well. Here’s last nights sunset, God Bless.

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