Hump Day

Half way through the week and almost half way through the month. Soon it’ll be November and then December. The best news about that is all the political ads will be over. Also Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be our newest Supreme Court Justice. She is one smart woman. In fact, she was by far the smartest one in the room the other day when being questioned by the Senate.

Lori is working from home today and I’m going to get Ty and take him to the DMV to get his picture taken. He spent the night at Sonny’s. We had our new Toto toilet installed yesterday which is great. It was an upcharge of $600 but worth it. Jag is doing ok. It’s weird at CU as the students are basically confined to their dorms and that’s it. We did get an email yesterday saying they’re loosening things up as cases have dropped dramatically but supposedly they’re going up in the State. With the WHO now saying lockdowns are no good (nice 180 there right?) cases will go up. I told him he should just come home.

Lori made pork green chili yesterday in the crock pot for like 10 hours. It was good. I think we’re eating leftovers for the next two days.

I’m headed to Minturn today to move a few more things out of the garage. We hope to close in the next 10 days. That’s it, be well, safe and God Bless.

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