Headed to the gym

In an hour Lori and I are headed to the gym. After that Ty and I are off to Glenwood to get his official permit. Most places are booked up for months but I found an appointment in Glenwood at 1:40 this afternoon. Jag had a big math test last night at 7:30 and did well. He has all A’s and a few B’s of course. He’s one smart and dedicated kid. At 3pm we have our new bed being delivered. Lori is having them pick up the one we bought a few months ago and is replacing it with a new one.

I think it dropped into the 20’s last night. We sleep with the window open so I am pretty good at guessing the temperature these days. Still little to know rain though. We hope to close on Minturn by the end of next week.

One more day of Senate grandstanding before they hopefully confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the court. I say grandstanding as it’s really not much of debate but rather democratic politicians giving speeches and saying things that at best are not true to try to score points for the election. At worst case, they’re just lies. Take the most popular one from the democrats which is that Judge Barrett will eliminate pre existing from health care. In fact, for years every single republican health care proposal protects ALL pre existing conditions. Right now the republicans have presented a law in Congress that protects ALL pre existing conditions in ANY health care law in the Country but EVERY democrat voted no! Wow. Same thing with the covid relief package. Nancy Pelosi is holding up $1.8 Billion in funding for her pet projects. Even some in her own party are slamming her but this senile old lady won’t budge. So you can see things are not all they appear to be. Democrats are lying and obstructing day and night. Again, think for yourself, don’t believe something on tv just because it’s on tv.

I’m out, God Bless.

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