Up in the air

Talked with Jag yesterday, he’s not sure what’s going on at school as even though some classes are supposed to be in person, the teachers keep changing their minds and moving them to on-line. If this continues he might as well come home.

Yesterday I was in Grand Junction and Jess, Marty and Mel’s oldest sons girlfriend, cleaned our house. She did an amazing job and hung out with Lori all day. She’s from South Africa and I guess doesn’t have any family and is like 20. She’s a good girl. Ty hung out with Sonny and Jack until 7. Today he’s home as our toilet in the master is getting replaced.

Last night I learned of two guys I know who died. The first being the kid in Minnesota who went hunting with us a year ago and had brain cancer, JD. RIP. The second, and utterly senseless, was Lee Keltner. He was the guy shot at a pro police rally in Denver by an unlicensed security guard. This made the national news. He was a good guy who made custom cowboy hats and a few years ago, made me two. So sad, RIP Lee.

Now, when is this crap going to stop! Just because you don’t agree with someone politically, it doesn’t give you the right to destroy property or harm another human being. Just stop, fucking stop! Good God.

Time to go, God Bless.

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