Back at it

So it was cool but no snow. Still nice with some rain. Today and this week it is going to be a nice Fall week. Leaves are dropping en masse and you can feel a change in the air. We need to get out bird hunting soon.

Ty is doing fine. Sonny and Jack spent the night and the boys have the entire week off from school. Lori and I of course are working away. October seems like it’s moving slow with today being the 12th.

We (Lori) made chili yesterday, yum. The WHO (World Health Org.) came out and told World leaders that lockdowns are not effective and shouldn’t be used to battle the virus. Hmm.

I’m in Grand Junction today and will stock up on some medical supplies, a new socket set and my buddy found me some hard to find rifle ammo. I’ll grab anything else I see that we might need if I see it.

Time to go, make it a great week and God Bless.

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