One week to go!

A week from today James, Marty and I are headed for Idaho to go elk hunting! Whoo hoo! Hope the smoke dissipates a bit by then. In the meantime I have a bunch of work to do and need to get to the range at least once to make sure my scopes are zeroed in. I’ll take my 300 Win Mag and 280 Remington. By the way Robi, reloading is where we take our used brass (the leftover part from shooting a bullet) and reload it with a new primer, powder and bullet and then shoot it again. When you load your own you can tweak the amount of powder you use to get more powerful rounds meaning they travel at a faster speed and have higher energy when they hit something. Factory ammo is really good these days but as they say there’s nothing like rolling your own! It’s pretty involved though as you need to have a press, a scale, and a bunch of other tools. In the end though it’s much cheaper than buying factory ammo once you have all the stuff.

Lori made prime rib last night with her famous potato’s from Vincent’s cookbook. Tom and Robi will remember this restaurant in Scottsdale as Mom and Dad would take us there often.

Jag is doing well but they have moved a bunch of covid kids into the building next to his. I think they’re up to something like 800 cases. Tom keeps us up to date as he somehow has an inside source as to what’s going on at CU.

We’re getting lots of showings at the townhome. I think we’re close to getting an offer. Hope so. All the blue jays are outside for breakfast. They can go through 3 feeders full of seed in a day. That’s about $10 a day which is too much to spend so I’m spreading out their food.

The Nuggets lost but it’s only game one. Hopefully they’ll get one tomorrow night. Ty is fine and so is Jag. He thinks he’ll be home soon. Guess I should ask Tom, ha. God Bless.

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