Looks like we sold Minturn yesterday. We had two offers and countered on one and then they came back and we accepted the offer. It’s a woman from Boulder who is buying the townhome. We hope to close by the end of October. This is good news as it’s no fun paying two mortgages. Pray all goes smooth.

Marty and Mel came over for enchilada’s. Ty had his buddy Jaron spend the night and Jag is well. Today Laura is coming by and I’m dropping some enchilada’s for James as he’s in a marathon song writing zoom session with the guys. He was going to join us last night but couldn’t break away.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died as I’m sure you all know. This is going to create more unrest and riots surrounding the election. Get ready and stock up on staples.

Lori’s sister Serena is kicking Stage 0-1 breast cancer. This has been going on for a month or so but we were waiting to find out just what’s going on. Everyone needs to say a prayer for her as prayer works! She’s a fighter though so she should win the war. May God help and watch over her in this fight!

Robi commented yesterday that it would have been the day we were going to the Eagles. I miss concerts. We’re supposed to get refunded by the end of October. There as bad as the IRS. Hope so. I miss movies too. This whole covid thing is sure messing life up in general. Thankfully we don’t live in the city as things are much worse down there.

Time to head to the gym. Hope everyone is well. I’d like to get to the range today too but will probably go Tuesday morning. Keep training Robi and go out and buy another gun while you still can. Arizona could turn Blue with John Kelly running against McSally. Vote Republican or the World as you know it will change forever and not for the better! Honestly ask yourself, when have the democrats ever done anything for the good of you or the Country. Right now they’re supporting destruction, riots, higher taxes, more regulation, socialism and more. They are not looking out for you, the working middle class American, no matter what they tell you in their false campaign ads. You do know they founded the KKK right? I could go on but I think most of you are smart enough to think for yourself and know the truth. If not, remember they moved the election day to November 11th. God Bless.

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