Hard to believe, time is flying. A word of caution, don’t be lulled into covid sleep. Supplies of items like toilet paper and medicine and certain food items are beginning to dry up will be hard to find soon. Some things have been hard to locate for months. You probably don’t notice it but try finding a chest freezer. For those of us that support the 2nd Amendment, try finding ammo! Then the things you can find have most certainly gone up in price. So, get ready for some shortages on things you normally are able to pick up on a daily basis.

Now to the day. Lori went to Denver to see Libby while I took Ty to the doctor where he had a strep and covid test since he had a fever and stuffy nose for three days. Happy to report both were negative. Still he needs to stay home until he has no fever for 24 hours.

I worked around the house and today after my 10 am call will hit Costco for some supplies of things I mentioned above that will soon be in short supply or gone. Can’t have enough TP right? Marty and I are getting into reloading. It’ll be a fun thing to do this winter. James now wants to too. Jag is doing fine. There are about 500 cases of covid at CU right now. Thankfully he’s ok.

Lori is working from home today. It’s nice as she gets to do that 2 or 3 times a week. We’re cooking a prime rib tonight for the Nuggets game. Hope we win! Time to get moving, God Bless.

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