Plan B

Well after the big build up, Dixie’s surgery turned out to be a nothing burger. It started alright, pre-op was fine and she went in right on schedule. Once the surgeons had a camera down her throat though they discovered a tear in a flap on one of her heart valves. In short this means that the scheduled repair wasn’t going to do any good. So the three surgeons decided to abort the surgery and close things up. Now we’re basically back to square one trying to figure out what to do. She’s too old for open heart surgery according to those three doctors but is still short of breath. One option could be 24/7 oxygen. Lori of course is very upset and sad as she wanted her mom to travel back here and stay with us for the holidays. I told her she still can, we’ll just need to use oxygen. More to come on this one!

Yesterday I had the ice maker fixed, some chairs delivered and they built the frame out of concrete and cinder blocks for the bbq. They kept blowing our fuse with their concrete saw.

This morning I’m off to Grand Junction early and then am thinking about heading to Denver but will decide later as it’s still snowing and cold down there. We had a winter blast but all in all have only a little over an inch with pretty dry roads. It looks much worse in Denver. Lots of trees were knocked over due to the heavy snow and wind but our trees are all pinon trees which are short, stubby and hearty. Tomorrow it’ll warm up and the snow here is all gone. Jag loves it he said as it’s been hot down there and really smoky.

Last, 3 years ago today Mom passed away. Miss her lots. Was listening to some voice mails I have from her I saved. Wish she was here.

Time to get moving. The dogs were fine outside. I’m not sure if they used their new houses or not. I need to put up a game camera.

Take care, be safe and God Bless.

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