Dixie’s surgery

Dixie is in pre-op right now and her surgery begins around 8:30 MST time. Lori is there of course but it’s pretty stressful. Meanwhile it’s windy and cooler here and they say the snow will be here in an hour or so. Looks like it’s raining with sleet in parts of Denver.

This morning our ice maker is getting replaced and I have a couple chairs being delivered. I need to get to Fed Ex today and run a couple more local errands. The dogs have been fed and walked and are now resting on their beds. The smoke yesterday was unbearable. It was the worst day we’ve had this summer. Ty is home with me and still sleeping.

We wish we could be in California to give Lori support. It’s tough being the one who always has to be the strongest when it comes to her mom. It’s a full time job managing everything from talking with the caregivers to being on calls with doctors. Lori even gets an alert each day when Dixie takes her pills that she tracks. Dixie is still pretty independent but anyone at 89 is going to forget a thing or two. That’s just the way it works.

It’ll be back in the 80’s by the weekend but this is a warning shot from Mother Nature to remind us that she’s in charge. You know what they say, don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Time to get going. I have a few more things to do before my 9am conference call. God Bless.

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