Happy Labor Day

Well, just me and the dogs. Lori’s in California, Ty in Denver and Jag in Boulder. Ty comes home this afternoon and Jag might come up for a night or two. Either way, I’m getting things straightened out around here. I need to finish up my office today as I have my two chairs and ottoman being delivered tomorrow morning. I can’t wait. I picked up a speaker yesterday and finally hooked up my computer as I stopped into Best Buy and picked up a cord I needed.

They say snow tonight. I guess the front range (Denver) is going to get more than us. I texted Jag to come up for a couple days as the smoke in Boulder from a fire in Ft. Collins was bad when I was there yesterday. I dropped him some food and weights he wanted.

It’s a little hazy up here but I can’t tell if it’s smoke or just haze. Dixie is doing well. Glad Lori is there. She’s gone five more nights! I think I have every bird within 20 miles outside bulking up for winter. Today I’m going to go hang out with James for a bit and go over our upcoming trip. Right now I’m taking the dogs for a walk and then headed to the gym.

Happy Labor Day! Be well and may God Bless and watch over you!

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