500 miles!

This morning, hopefully early, ADT is showing up to install our alarm system. Then I have a lot of running around to do here locally. Yesterday I drove a bit over 500 miles! First off at 6 am I was off to Grand Junction and then after making it back home by 10 I headed to Denver. I was back in Vail at 5 to hang with James and Marty for our weekly Wednesday hang. Then I picked Ty up at the skate park at 6:30 before heading home. The dogs were glad to see me.

It’s warm here this morning. Mid 40’s. It’ll be in the 80’s by the weekend. As most of you know by now, Dixie is back to square one with Lori trying to figure out what to do. I think she’s bringing Dixie out here in October after I get back from hunting.

When we arrived at James’s last night he said “hey, I have something for you guys”. Marty and I looked at each other not knowing what he meant and he then gave us each these handmade shot shell holders and a tooled belt for bird hunting. He had them made in Texas and they’re beautiful. The kicker was mine had a brass plaque on it that says “I Shot It”. Now this is a longer story but it’s basically because I’m a pretty good shot and most birds that go down, I shot. I looked at Marty’s and it said “My Dog Humped My Hat”! Now this is really funny as a few years ago Marty had this hat made in Fairplay by this old guy who is quite famous and booked up. Marty finally got his hat and took it home and laid it on the couch and a few minutes later he turned around and saw Milton his dog, humping his hat! He grabbed it and the next day took it back to the hat maker who actually yelled at Marty saying “what did you do? these hats take a lot of time and you need to take care of them”. In the end he fixed the hat but Marty told us this story a while ago so that’s why James put that on his shot shell holder. It was funny.

I added to the blog yesterday that it was the anniversary of Mom passing. I have some old voice mails from her saved on my computer and was listening to her voice a few days ago. I miss her a lot. She was everything to me and a lot of people.

That’s it. Time to get Ty moving so I can get back here for the alarm company. Hope everyone is safe and well. Denver was eerie while Grand Junction was normal. I saw a graph and article yesterday saying that the pandemic is almost over. It says herd immunity is spreading fast. The numbers support this but we’ll see. Let’s hope so! Go get your flu shot! God Bless.

Here are our shot shell holder and a picture of the peaks with the first snow!

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