Desk, lamps, and a few chairs

Another great night at the ranch. Lori’s friend and former surgery scheduler Luz came by and will apply this morning at Lori’s work. She’s still with Dr. C. but wants to leave and join Lori. Meanwhile I’m trying to determine what my Company will look like in 2021. Lot’s of decisions.

At 8am an inspector comes by to do a final inspection on the house. Then it’s off to Minturn and then Denver one more time. I think both boys are going with me this time.

Ty has been invited to go with Preston and his family this weekend to go to Lake Conaughy in Nebraska. They just bought some $300K ski boat and are buying a house on the lake. We have to get Minturn 100% empty by the end of the weekend. I’ll put some more stuff out today for the trash.

We have voles outside in the grass and brush, they’re like little hedgehogs. They live outside in the yard under rocks and under the sage brush. I’ll need to make sure they don’t get near the house.

Kristin is with Grandma Dixie for one more day. Nice she could go up and stay. Lori is in Frisco today so we all need to get moving. The dogs just had their morning hike so time for coffee. God Bless.

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