Off to Denver

This morning Ty and I are off to Denver. I have a few stops and he needs some new school clothes. Lori is in Vail today after being in Frisco yesterday. Jag and the Brew Crew hung out and spent the night last night. That’s my new name for Jag, Zach, Ethan and Matt. Jag wanted me to pick up some beer but I made Lori call their parents first. My how times have changed since I was a kid.

I made a couple more trips to Minturn yesterday and am getting down to brass tacks. I have some old paintings from Mom’s that I’m not quite sure what to do with. I guess they’ll come home with us. I did come across the prized Santa Claus mugs from when we were kids and a box that Mom wrote the following on. “These were my children’s books when I was a little girl. Please do not destroy.” So as a good son who obeys his Mom, I’m not throwing them away.

Jag’s roommate is from Rifle which is about an hour west of here. He’s been talking via email and says he seems nice. I think he and whoever moves him in (Lori or I as only one parent can go in) has to have a Covid test. My buddy James had to have one two days ago as he has two weeks of practice in California and was nervous but tested negative. I knew he would be negative.

We had two nightstands delivered about 8:20 last night. They’re nice and match our bed. Lori still doesn’t think she likes our mattress so it might go back. They sent us a mattress pad yesterday which was supposed to make it softer but I think it made it a bit more firm.

Good news is cases of the virus are trending down in Colorado with about a 3% positivity rate which is well below the targeted 5% for the Country. Looks like social distancing does work as everywhere it spikes, it quickly goes down after the party stops. I told everyone on my weekly call that this too will pass. We’ve had things like this before and we will again and we will prevail. Just stop watching the news. They sensationalize and blow up every little thing they can for ratings.

We have a few coyotes and some elk you hear at night and early in the morning. I was on a Houseparty call last night with a guy in New York, one in Chicago and a woman in San Mateo California and they all were envious of our space and room to roam. Our location is hard to beat.

That’s it, time to roust Ty so he can go with me. Have a great day and God Bless you all.

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