Hard to believe it’s August 3rd. In less than 90 days it’ll be November, wow. The colors will start changing soon.

This morning I’m off to Copper to take Ty snowboarding. We’ll see how that goes. Wish he had his license. Lori is working in Frisco today but I’ll drive him to meet the coach. He’s done at 3 this afternoon.

My legs cramped up about 5:30 this morning. Must have done too much at the gym yesterday. Lori and I just walked the dogs. Sunrises are maybe more beautiful than sunsets. We sleep with our window open and you can feel Fall in the air.

I made another trip to Minturn yesterday. Funny when you move as you find things you forgot you had. Yesterday it was some boots of Lori’s and mom’s old cookie cutters. They had to be grandma’s before that. Wish I ate cookies! Maybe we’ll make them this Christmas.

Ty slept 16 hours straight after his trip. They sure were tired. Jag has 2 weeks to get packed for school. I think he finds out who his roommate is today. Our flock of about 30 blue jays are outside right now. They show up every morning for breakfast.

That’s it, time to get moving. One more thing, Kristin drove up from L.A. to stay with Dixie as Michelle , (her caregiver) is on vacation this week. What a good girl! God Bless.

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