Fun times

After a long day of driving and getting my bow tuned for hunting season by Gabe and Reuben in Grand Junction, I made it home around 3. Gabe and Reuben are brothers who are indians from New Mexico that opened an archery shop here in Colorado in 1980! When you walk in, you think what a dump but people drive over 500 miles from all over to come see these two brothers as they’re magicians with a bow. Lori and Jag were about 90 minutes behind me. At 6:30 the Linefelters showed up for dinner. We had a fun evening until about 10. The only miss was Lori way under cooked the salmon in her new oven. To be fair, she’d never used it before but we all had a good laugh. Stephanie and Lexi and Grace were being so kind saying, no it’s fine but it was so obvious is was basically raw. We filled up on desserts instead.

Ty and his crew made it to Grand Junction last night. Amy, Preston’s mom, sent a video of Ty saying “What a great kid!!”. Ty has a sunburn and had a blast from his text. He should be home in a few hours.

Lori and I are headed to the gym this morning as it’s been well over a week since we’ve gone. We have been lifting, carrying, moving and all other forms of movement moving all our crap. Still going to the gym.

I need to scout out the property to find a spot to set up a few targets as I need to start shooting 50 arrows a day. I might use my bow for elk at the end of September if I can get to the point where I feel comfortable enough. I also need to find a desk so I can start organizing my office. I do plan on getting into the vault today to try to put some stuff away.

Time to go. be well and safe and God Bless.

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