East and West

This morning Lori’s heading 100 miles or so east and I’m heading 100 miles or so west. She and Jag are off to Denver after meeting James and Larry in Minturn so we can donate our three beds to them to give to some needy people and I’m off to Grand Junction to meet up with a sales rep and drop some samples. So at some point we’ll be about 250 miles apart.

Lori had a great first week of school. Her doctor told her she hit 10 home runs! She said she had one strike but what player wouldn’t take 10 home runs and one strike in a week!

Ty comes home tomorrow and then goes snowboarding all day at Copper on Monday with the VSSA Team. We’ll see how he does and if he joins the team. If so, that means he’ll go to VSSA (Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy) for school next year. It’s a public school for skiers and borders. He has no idea he’s going Monday as the Director of Admissions and the coach just called yesterday. I need to have him at Copper at 8am Monday.

Another beautiful morning up here. Wish Mom and Dad were around to see and enjoy it. Dad would have especially loved it. Tonight Lexi and her family are coming over for dinner. I think we’re doing salmon. Lori and Jag are stopping at Whole Foods in Cherry Creek as they have the best fish.

Time to get moving. Lori and Jag need to leave in 20 minutes and I’ll leave in about 45. Enjoy the day and God Bless.

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