Good morning. Hope everyone is well. Today I thought I’d take a little survey from you all of what shortages you’re experiencing these days. We all of course have the obvious ones like disinfectant wipes but what else? Anyone been to Home Depot lately? Have you tried buying a chest freezer? None to be found since about March. What about guns and ammo. If you find any ammo, it’s super expensive and guns are virtually impossible to find in the popular configurations and calibers. Even Lori’s makeup is in short supply, oh no! The boys and I went school shopping yesterday and it took me two trips to two different stores to find one of each of her makeup. I tried to buy a few of each but they only had one eye shadow and one foundation. Expect this to only get worse as we get closer to Fall. Just a heads up.

As I said, yesterday we did some school shopping. Jag found a bunch of things while Ty a few. On the way home we stopped at Lucky Noodle on 1200 East Colfax. This had us drive by the homeless camps the police were finally dismantling. They’re not safe for the people that are there and the disease threat alone is reason enough to close them down. It’s scary what they’ve done to downtown. Hard to believe our cities across the Country have been turned into war zones. Don’t believe me, head downtown. I don’t know how the businesses down there are surviving. We were glad to get out of downtown. It’s just not safe.

Ty is headed to Johnson Lake in Nebraska tonight. We’ll drop him in Georgetown where he’ll meet Preston and then they’ll meet up with his parents and caravan to Nebraska. He’ll be home Sunday.

Anyone seen gold and silver? Wow, hold on. Gold has gone up 20-30% to record highs and silver even more. It’s nowhere to be found and if you do, the premium over spot price is almost 30% on silver which is unheard of. The Governor of New York is begging the wealthy to come back to New York. Doesn’t seem to be doing much good. People are leaving the State, and other democratic ones, in droves. People are also leaving major cities across the Country headed for the hills, like our neck of the woods. The Great Exodus has begun.

Now to the virus. Where do we start. Cases are going down but you still need to social distance and wear a mask. The mall was packed. Lots of young people in Neiman Marcus buying $800 tennis shoes. Where do they get the money? Looks like they’re doing fine. Most were young people of color. That politically correct? Hmm.

Time to go. in closing, this shit storm, and I don’t mean the virus, has just begun. The greater threat to us all is the social unrest and supply interruption and lack of production of basic goods. The election is the greatest threat as if the Dems win across the board (could happen) we’re in big trouble. Our Country probably could not come back from that. Seen the price of beef lately? Stock up now for winter. God Bless.

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