Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Time for friends, fun, sun and bbq. Hope you’re not considering sitting at home locked up in your house! That won’t do your head or body any good. You see it’s like growing up with a dog. Those that had a dog had stronger immunity systems than those that didn’t. You have to expose yourself to a certain amount of what’s out there or when you finally do go out, you’ll catch everything. Don’t live in a bubble.

Yesterday the drive thru cap and gown ceremony was pretty nice. Kids and family’s were lined on the parking lot including Jagger’s kindergarten buddy Brooklyn who made a huge banner for him. She’s so cute. After we went through, Jag stayed with his friends and hung out watching other kids come and go. Then we all went over to Lexi’s house and hung out with her family for a few hours. More to come, Lori has all the pictures on her phone and is still sleeping.

Today we’re going to Melanie and Marty’s for a bbq around 5. The boys are coming along. I have a quick trip to Denver first so I need to get moving. More to write but no time so it’ll have to wait. Until tomorrow, watch your top knot! God Bless.

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