Cap and Gown

This afternoon at 2:45 we’re in a group of five family’s that will drive through the school parking lot to pick up Jagger’s cap and gown for graduation. They have families staged in groups of five over a 90 minute period spaced 15 minutes apart. At 2 I think we’re hooking up with other families for a parade in our cars. It’s so sad the kids cannot have a traditional graduation. The official graduation is on the 30th I think. What a cluster.

Lori’s massage helped a little bit. Not sure how she’s feeling today. We’ll hit the gym in a bit for some exercise. I was on Houseparty (an app on your phone like Zoom) with my buddy Eric in New York, Russel in London, Ron in Chicago and later Lauren in New York for a few hours last night. Russel had been up all night as it was like 4:30am when we started in London. We talked about all kinds of things including our situations in our own neighborhoods. In the end, people are people and we’re all pretty much feeling the same no matter where we live. Russel said it was a big day there as Mc Donald’s opened up! He said the cue (line) was over 3 kilometers long at the drive thru, ha. We all can’t wait to get back to normal and all agree that this too will pass. Hope we’re right.

Ty worked his ass off on schoolwork. He thought he was done and found out late last night he was missing two Spanish assignments. Our school is all over the place with this distance learning and it’s hard for the kids to keep everything straight. The Upper School Director apologized and said everyone is frustrated from teachers to students. I think he now has everything in and has one last Spanish assessment today and then I think is done.

Time to get moving. It’s 7:30 and Lori woke up before me and fed the dogs. Jag was at Lexi’s and Emile’s and came home probably around midnight. We were crashed by then. Pictures tomorrow of the mini parade and Jagger. Be well, God Bless.

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