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Ok, this morning we’re driving a white Q8 down and swapping it for a white Q8. One is a loaner vehicle and the other (ours) will be ready to go by 10 am. Then I’m dropping Lori at Tina’s spa for a massage with a mask while I run up and pick a few items up in Longmont. The boys have a couple days left and then that’s it. We’re trying to figure out what summer will look like. Did you see in Washington State where they’re going door to door and covid testing? If you refuse you can’t leave your house. Wow. Talk about unconstitutional. Here more than half of the people who have passed away were over 80 years old. Then of the other half, more than half of those had other health issues leaving a few hundred that actually died from the virus who were not old or already compromised. Compare this to the flu and the numbers are close. Yet States have crushed the economy and many families savings and lives. Up here we’ve had one new case in about 2 weeks and it was in a nursing home. Then we have the masks everyone is now suppose to wear. There’s a debate as to whether or not these do any good. Now they say only wear them when you can’t social distance, like at the spa! Wonder how you’re going to go to a restaurant wearing a mask. Not many people wear them up here anymore but Denver seems to still be using them a bit more. If you go to a park though, no one is wearing them. Soon people will stop wearing them too. Crazy times right?

The house is coming along and we’re about $15K over budget out of a projected cost of $1,220,000. Not bad. Some of that extra is due to things we added like the outside bbq hood and a whole house water treatment or filter which was extra and then Lori’s concrete sink in the main floor powder room and the stone walkway up to the front door. So overall, we essentially are within budget. Pretty remarkable.

James might come up Friday night, sleep in the truck and then load up stuff from our storage unit Saturday morning. Then we’ll start moving stuff from here down to the storage unit staging it to go to the house in about a month. Then we’ll start fixing things up here to sell this place. It’d be good to keep it as a rental but that cost money and in this uncertain time, we’re just going to move it.

That is it. 6:20 now as the dogs woke me at 5:30. We’re trying to figure out how to get out to see Dixie but it’s not as easy as just jumping in the car. We’ll figure it out somehow. God Bless.

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