Fun times

We went to Marty and Melanie’s for dinner last night as they invited us over. Funny thing was we took the meat, the salad and did all the cooking! It was like we invited them over to their house for dinner, ha. Mel is still struggling with the fallout from the virus. Her lung capacity is just not good. We told her to get to a respiratory therapist asap. Jag came along while Ty stayed home to wrap up a history assignment. They surprised Jag with $300 as a graduation gift telling him how proud they were of him. Marty threw in some advice telling Jagger to keep his children in the Kleenex, ha.

Tonight Jag is going with a bunch of kids to Madi’s ranch for a make shift prom. I think all the kids are coming home in the morning. Her parents are also going.

Looks like a hot day today with rain tomorrow and Monday. Luckily there are no big bbq plans on Memorial Day. We’ll be packing up around here. Today we’d like to find a bathroom mirror for the downstairs powder room. We’ll see what’s open.

Time to get going. here are some pics from the cap and gown pick up ceremony. First two are Jag, the Brooklyn, his kindergarten buddy as all seniors have one. She just adores him and so looks up to Jag everyday, figuratively and literally. He picks her up and raises her above his head which has her beaming with joy. She says she has the best buddy in the whole school! They have quite the friendship. Then there’s Jagger and his best friend Lexi. They have a marriage pact to get married if they’re both single at 30! We love Lexi and think they should be dating which I’m sure someday soon they will be.

We’re very proud of both boys but it’s hard to believe Jag is graduating from high school and headed to college. Wow! God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    It doesn’t seem like anyone is wearing masks or social distancing up there! Hope everyone stays safe and love the pics!

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