One week to go

In five short days, school is over. I think it’s officially still in session next week but all work is due this Friday. Will be good to get this crappy year out of the way. Things are reopening everywhere. Some States like ours and others are showing no new surge in cases while a few like Texas showed a jump in cases. Once again, the people telling us what to do don’t know anymore than you or I. I did see a post yesterday that said with all the elderly people in Congress, repeatedly meeting in a closed room, it’s a little strange that not one single one of them has the virus, hmmm. That is weird right? No matter what happens, shutting down the entire World and economy I think was the wrong move. People from Europe to Asia to almost every State here aren’t taking it any more. I don’t blame them. In fact I will no longer be calling this the new normal as like someone pointed out, nothing about this is normal. Making everyone stay home is basically forced isolation. And last, as I’ve said before, this is the first time in history when healthy people have been quarantined. We need to quarantine the sick, not the healthy. Don’t believe me? Look at countries like New Zealand or Thailand that have followed this policy and managed to eradicate the virus. Wonder what we’ll find out a few months from now. Last you have Obama trashing the administration for not knowing what’s going on but of course he offered no solutions as he doesn’t know what’s going on either. That’s the point people, none of us know what’s going on, good God.

Well what else, Mojo ate the tv remote last night, Jag and Madi played Guitar Hero, Ty worked on his Spanish project and Lori made a great dinner. We did go for a nice hike and then went to Costco and the house. We’re trying to figure out how to get the hot tub and are officially accepting donations, ha.

The heat is on this week. 80’s today and tomorrow and most of the week. Hope no fires start. Lori is showering and then we’re going to the gym and then she’s going to the office to do some work for Dr. C. That’s it, hope you all are well, make it a great day and find your groove people. Don’t let this thing dictate life to you! Take charge and define your own life, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Good looking family! I need that necklace Jag has on, is it a Louis?

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