Mothers Day Part 2

This morning we started the day with me making Lori coffee, cleaning up the front room and feeding the dogs. She wants to go on a hike today so we’ll be going on a hike today. If she changes her mind, we’ll be doing something else, as sometimes she does.

Sonny and Ty had fun last night. Ty accidently called us around 9 so we listened in to the non stop laughing for about 10 minutes. Around 10 or 10:30 Sonny and Ty showed up and Sonny spent the night. Lori found a couple Sprizzeri cans in Ty’s room, ha. We just laughed as they’re super low alcohol and we’d rather have them drinking here if they’re going to drink.

I had a good time at James’s last night. We had rabbit braised with rosemary and olives and fresh focaccia bread, a great salad, baked beans, Italian cheese and salumi and the hit of the night, Lori’s homemade key lime pie. We all know each other and enjoy getting together every week or so. We had the MMA fights on ESPN which were pretty interesting. Talking with Luca and Marty, I found out Luca and his wife are suing VMS! One of their boys was bullied so bad he left the school a year ago which we knew but I had no idea they were suing them. I learned a bunch of other things about the school too. Not good. We’re 99% sure Ty will go somewhere else in the Fall. CU is working on how to handle things too and it looks like Jag will be going to Boulder one way or another.

That’s it, could be 80 degrees here today. Not much snow left except up high. The house is coming along. We were down yesterday afternoon meeting with Tom. We’ve had only 2 or 3 new cases in over a week and they were at a nursing home down near Eagle. We’ve basically stopped the outbreak up here. Hope that continues. God Bless.

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