Prom tonight

Due to the rain, the kids make shift Prom is tonight. While that’s going on I’ll be headed to James for some MMA fight, grilled rabbit that Luca is making and some fun with 7 other guys. I’ll make sure to social distance! I was going down to Denver today but am getting a clear bra put on Lori’s car Tuesday so I’ll wait until then. No point in going twice.

I cleaned out the cupboards yesterday and have a bunch of food boxed by the front door and a few bags for the Salvation Army. I’ll try to drop those today. I’ve also been working on the garage and I’m also getting down in the basement today. No way I’ll finish but I’m starting.

It’s nice this morning and going to get warmer over the next few days. Things are getting green up here which is nice. Both boys are starting on their rooms today too. That’s it, kind of a nothing else to say day. Be well and God Bless.

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