Tonight Chloe and Zoe are staging some sort of Prom outside of school for a small group of friends. I don’t know much about it but do know that Ty has to have all his school work in before he can go. Jag I think can kind of float for the next week.

Yesterday I headed to Denver to pick up some storage containers so we can pack up some more stuff. I need to tackle the garage first. I also have a management call this morning to determine what pay cuts to put in for June for our people. They’ll be a lot smaller than the first round of cuts but still won’t be fun. I’m looking at somewhere around 5%. Hopefully I’ll be off that call in about two hours.

I need to order the bbq for the house today. It’ll be just the grill part with no bottom cabinet as our builder says he can build something to hold it. Probably going to have to pass on the hot tub. We’re super bummed but just don’t have the $12K in the budget. What a drag. We also changed up some furniture so we’re spending less there. With Lori not working and me giving up about $50K a year of salary, we just can’t do what we wanted to do. Thanks China, nice of you to infect the World. Who would have ever thought something like this could happen that would change so many peoples livcs.

To top things off, Jag’s right rear tire has some sort of cut in it so we need a new tire today which is about $250. Throw in Mojo’s $600 bill yesterday from the vet and it’s been a fun week. Hard to get a break these days.

Time to stop felling sorry for myself and get going and cowboy up! I have a whole day and weekend ahead of me and need to get moving. I joked with one of my Partners and told him, “let’s go buy Porsches”. That’d put the pressure on us to perform for sure. Be well, God Bless.

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