What day is it?

Do the days seem to run together for you? They do for me. I often think Tuesday is Sunday or Friday is Sunday or something of that sort. I think it’s because of the stay at home routine we’re in that makes it all run together.

Yesterday Jag presented his Senior Project and he was great. He has this quality few possess that’s a mix or maturity, vision and confidence he somehow cultivated over the years. There were about 40 people that watched from other teachers and students to even some parents of students. We were very proud parents.

Ty worked away getting in a bunch of work. Later in the day Ty, Jag and Madi played video games lounging on the couch.

At 5:30 I went to James house for our weekly guy get together and cigar night around the fire. Four of us which are good friends, James, Marty, Luca and me, hang out for 90 minutes talking about life, our families, challenges we face and what we’re thankful for. It’s an amazingly open dialogue where we get things off our chest and is sort of our weekly release. We all know each other well so it’s pretty easy to do. The virus is creating even a stronger bond between us.

Now to the virus. I’ve come to the conclusion that its prudent to now prepare for this to be around for the long haul. I don’t see this ending anytime soon and am sure we’ll be dealing with this for at least another year minimum. Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t bet against me. Think about your finances, your potential loss of income, no matter what you do, and the interruption of supplies such as food. Again, hoping I’m wrong but the inability to get a handle on the most basic facts of what were facing is a huge issue. We still don’t know what all is involved with this thing. Tests are now proving to be negative when really positive and vice versa, new forms of transmissions are discovered daily and unknown medical consequences are turning up in patients considered otherwise healthy. All this uncertainty means it’s going to take a while to figure things out. I say a year as by then I think we’ll reach an infection rate of 70% or so nationwide, (even if the tests and govt. don’t know it) which will result in a herd immunity. This means we as a population will have built up a resistance to the virus much like the flu. Anyhow just my take.

Back to the day. Not sure what’s going on today. I might run down to Denver to buy 10 more storage bins for packing stuff up. Today is Thursday and I didn’t even need to look, ha. Be well, safe and God Bless.

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