Senior Project

Today at noon Jagger has his Senior Project presentation. Then his year is pretty much over. He’s worked super hard and had to adjust the entire project midstream due to the virus. You might recall he was going to intern at the top restaurant in Vail but then that abruptly ended when the virus showed up. I think he ended up writing a cookbook on his own. We’ll see as his presentation is at noon. Can’t wait, super proud of him.

Ty is working away trying to get everything in as after today the boys have 7 school days left in the year. The school awarded us a small grant for next year but for Ty it’d still cost about $20,000. With the scientists coming out yesterday and saying there probably won’t be any school in the Fall, we need to make a decision on this one.

Work is a battle. Everything is a battle. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Lori is thinking of starting her own ice cream company. That’d be fun and probably profitable as people are embracing as many small comforts in their lives as they can and ice cream is a big one. Not sure how she came up with that but I think it’s a great idea. We’ll see.

They poured concrete yesterday down at the house for the back patio. Maybe we’ll run down there today to see what’s going on. Sunny and warm today. That’ll be nice. Guess I’ll go. It’s 7:30 and Tom is probably wondering where the blog is. Be well, be safe and God Bless.

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