April 1st

Well it was bound to happen. With everyone locked up or locked down, sooner or later we were going to have a blow up. Last night around 5pm, over a video game, things blew up. Ty was “rude” to Jag, Jag “rude” to Ty, and then when Lori and I stepped in, all hell broke loose. Name calling, Ty throwing some things in his room, and more ensued for a good hour until cooler heads prevailed. I thought about publishing some of the language but the FCC would probably shut the blog down. Oh well, as I said, it was bound to happen and now we’re past it and back to normal.

Ty was on the mountain most of the afternoon with two buddies making sure to stay 6 feet apart. Lori and I worked and Jag worked a little and played some Wii. In past years April 1sr was a time for pranks but I don’t think we’ll see many today. Dixie is doing better, thank God, and is going to get some medicine levels checked this morning. Told you prayer works! Wish we could bring her here but that’s not possible plus we’re in the middle of it.

Dr. C is out for another day as his test showed some other virus but not Covid. He should be back to surgery tomorrow. My gym is now shut down, even for me as some people complained that they were sort of open.

Yesterday the govt. said things are going to get really bad over the next two weeks and between 100,000 and a quarter of a million people could die here in the U.S., best case. There’s really nothing we can do except stay home. At least we’re not stuck on one of the cruise ships off the coast of Florida with no place to dock. Every State needs to shut down like we are. School is over for the year for sure and things will get worse before they get better. Don’t get complacent and think we’re out of the woods yet. We’re not.

Bill Gates, who is a super smart guy, wrote an article yesterday which basically said we need to shut down all States, start building labs to make vaccines and stat mass testing. You can read his article here if you like. I really wish everyone would listen to him. He even had a TED talk in 2015 urging governments to prepare for this exact scenario. But of course, none of them listened. Here’s the article.


That’s it, we are doing our best to keep things going best we can. I need to top off our food supplies, as even with all the food we have, sometimes we think we have nothing to eat. Sauces and canned fruit seem to be what I’m missing. We need to shut our borders here in Colorado to ALL people from other States as they are not shutting down. It’s sort of pointless all we’re doing here when other States don’t and those people can fly or drive to Colorado. Realistically this Stay in Place stuff is probably going to last 8, 10 or even 12 weeks. And this is if we ALL start today! Get ready, mentally and physically. Also get what you need as supply chains are getting interrupted as I write. Here we go, God Bless and this is no April’s Fool joke!

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