Elk tenderloin

Last night for dinner we had elk tenderloin on the bbq. I gave our neighbor some and he grilled it up for both of us. The boys and I ate it up but Lori doesn’t like it. Don’t know why as it tastes just like beef. I shouldn’t have told her and she would have ate it.

This morning we need to take Jag’s car down to Glenwood to drop it off to get fixed from when our neighbor backed into it plowing snow. I was going to have Jag drive his car down but think I’ll see if Lori wants to go so we can stop at the house on the way home.

We’re still social distancing. No where to go anyhow. They say we’re getting a little snow today. Doesn’t seem like it outside right now. Maybe this is just in Denver. Boys are doing well and had a good day yesterday.

We’re getting tired of this whole thing. I’m sure you all are too. Could be another month or two, who really knows. I told Lori, we can do this. Things could be much worse. No one likes it but it is what it is. Get outside and go for a hike, that’s ok. Lot’s of people fishing up here. I heard birds chirping this morning for the first time. Spring is here. Be safe, God Bless.

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