Stay home

Last night Denver issued a stay at home order. This included pot shops and liquor stores, for about 2 hours! There was such a run on both the mayor quickly changed his mind. Ha.

I had calls with all of the sales team yesterday letting them know we have to put in a company wide pay cut of about 30% for 3 months. Most all took it well. One of my guys, Jody, who is a senior leader said he needed to take the rest of the day off to process it. I think he needed to go to his safe space. To their credit, the rest of the guys, Eric, Greg, Jeremy and Hans all cowboy’d up and said they 100% understand and are happy to have a job. As you can imagine lots of people in our industry that work at restaurants have been let go all together. I’m really proud of them. I have 3 or 4 more calls today and hope they go well but we need to do it for the long term health of the Company. And by the way, it starts with ownership meaning me, so I too took a cut. I can’t in good conscious give my team cuts without myself.

I’m maybe more optimistic than others but I’ve always been a glass half full guy. I think within 4 to 8 weeks we’ll see things change for the better. If not, we’ve prepared best we can, but again I’m hopeful.

Screw all the politicians. Mark my words, this will be the end of a lot of them. They just can’t get out of their own way. Don’t count on any stimulus. Maybe some of you will get a check but I’m not counting on any much needed relief.

Lori is doing better. She called again yesterday and she said a guy yelled at her for calling so much. Not sure why as it’s been 12 freakin days since she was tested! I know she’s positive so it’s sort of a formality but we still want to know. Wonder how long it’ll take for her to get a test showing she’s negative so she could go back to work? No worries though as that doesn’t mean going back to the office.

I’m off to the warehouse to pick up 50 cases of wine I had sent in from California last month. We had an icy rain snow mix last night so I need to get that out of my truck bed before loading it with wine.

6:09 and I’d like to leave by 6:30 so time to go. Hope you all are well, take care, be smart and you’ll be safe, God Bless.

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