20 Years! Happy Anniversary Honey!

Whoo Hoo! Today is our 20 year anniversary! Doesn’t seem like that long. There’s no way I could put into words just what Lori means to me. As they say, it’s been an incredible ride and we’re going for 30 more to hit the big 5-0.

Today is also the 2 week anniversary since Lori had her test. She was on the phone with one of Ty’s mountain biking buddy’s Mom who has also been waiting two weeks, wow. Maybe we’ll hear something today.

I was in and out of Denver quickly. I loaded up about 50 cases of wine and made two stops before heading home. The garage is full of samples now. Marty stopped by but we kept our distance although at this point with both of us having stayed away from everyone for two weeks, we think we’re pretty safe. Guess you never know.

I finished my calls to the whole team informing them of their pay cut and everyone stepped up and understood. None of us are happy about it, including me, but as Mom always said, you do what you have to do, right?

Marty and Melanie who spent a lot of time in Montana over the years said let’s look for a cheap cabin on Flathead Lake for us all. They’re about the only ones we could ever consider sharing a place with. Maybe Jeff and Tine too but that’s it. It’d be fun to have a 100 year old cabin on the water. I guess they’re famous for their cherry orchards up there and Flathead Lake is super clean and clear water. Nice to dream, ha.

Lori is working away just as much as if nothing was going on. Jag came by and might come home today as it’s been 14 days. He came by yesterday for a bit. Ty wants to go to VSSA next year which is the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. There’s a process to get in as he also needs to join the SSCV or Ski Snowboard Club Vail. It’s cheaper than VMS and he basically gets to be a full time athlete. He’s actually pretty darn good. We’ll see.

Dogs are fine, so am I and Ty and Lori is better each day. I’m off to Whole Foods in 15 minutes so time to shower. Mom would always send us an anniversary card. It’s the little things I remember and miss and she’d always do things like that even though she didn’t have to. That’s it, again, Happy Anniversary Lori, I love you so very very much! God Bless.

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2 Responses to 20 Years! Happy Anniversary Honey!

  1. Tom says:

    Happy Anniversary! Seems like more then 20 years though. Congrats

  2. Blondie says:

    Happy 20th!

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