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Well it’s week 2 of the new normal in full swing. As you know, life doesn’t stop. School, work and daily chores are still required. The dogs only know that we’re all home more and yes all our bills keep coming. Jag came by yesterday to get some fresh clothes and supplies and we had him keep his distance from Mom and us just in case. Madi’s mom has the sniffles but I told Jag he could come home if he wants. We’ll see how everyone is doing in a few days. He’s enjoying being with Madi though and I’m ok with that if that’s what makes him happy.

Ty and his friends were on Meadow Mountain snowboarding and keeping 6 feet apart and being monitored by Will’s parents. They built a giant igloo on the mountain too. Lori is so so and definitely has the virus. They called yesterday saying still no results but with her symptoms to self isolate, duh. We did go to the gym in full masks and gloves.

I’m off to Whole Foods in 30 minutes and still need to shower. As I said yesterday (didn’t make it then), I’m using my seniority status and getting in an hour before anyone under 60.

Funny how some ads on tv are acting like everything’s the same. Guess they were booked a while ago. Two days until our 19th or 20th anniversary! Need to figure that out today, ha.

I read an encouraging report from a Nobel Laureate in Biochemistry from Stanford that says things are not as bad as the media is making us believe. He see’s things leveling off soon and there’s even signs of this in Italy already. Deaths Sunday were lower than Saturday. So there is hope. Let’s hope he’s right. He did predict, almost exactly, the number of cases and deaths in China. His Nobel prize was for his data analysis of various things so there’s a reason to take a second look at him. If anyone wants to have me email them the report, let me know.

Time to run, be well, and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    I’d love to see the report – thx!

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