Snowy Sunday

It’s snowing again? Thought it was going to warm up, hmm. Maybe later today. There’s not much, just an inch or so of wet snow. I was on the couch again last night, think it’s like day 10. Pretty sure I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight as it’s been 10 days since Lori first came down with a fever. Jag is doing well at Madi’s. I haven’t talked with him but Lori has. Ty is well too, spending most of his time on a game with his friends.

We had a guy pass away in Vail yesterday. He was a local entertainer who played guitar at a lot of the hotels. Not sure how or when he was infected. He was in his 60’s and did have underlying health conditions. Lori is getting better every day. We took two cars and went down to the house yesterday. We’re tweaking a few things but it’s super cool.

They say 112 more cases in Colorado since yesterday. We’re sort of a hot spot but nothing compared to New York or California. I read some encouraging reports out of Silicon Valley based on data across the World that in short says this is a lot more hype than fact. Still it’s the unknown that we’re all afraid of. If we knew exactly how and when you can get infected and how long it lasts and other metrics, we could all deal with it easier. There is a lot of misleading info out there. The news just showed how some people are comparing Italy to the U.S. saying we’re on the same trajectory. Well Italy is the size of Arizona, the population is much older, 99% of deaths had other conditions, we have 5 1/2 times the amount of people and they all live much closer together. So as you can see it’s not fair or correct to compare our numbers as its just not apples to apples. In any case, wash your hands every time you think about it.

I was going to go to Whole Foods this morning to take advantage of being over 60 for the first time in my life. Grocery stores here are letting senior citizens (which I surely am not), meaning anyone over 60, in an hour before the general public or as I like to say, before all the inexperienced, less wise, younger people, ha. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

Lori and I are going to the gym this morning. We’ll take one car as I’m pretty sure she’s way past the contagious stage if she had it at all. I’d bet she did just due to the shortness of breath but we still don’t know for sure. Maybe today. Vail PD says (not sure how they’d know?) after you’re fever free for 72 hours you can go back to work. Her clinic won’t let her go back until she tests negative. I don’t think she’s going back anytime soon no matter what. The venture capital company that bought a controlling interest in the clinic wants them to cut staff by 50%. Lori’s looking at who to furlough if she needs to. She’s still not sure if she’ll need to lay anyone off or not. Personally I think in a month we’ll have some sort of way to slow or stop this thing. Warm weather appears to help as all countries in the southern hemisphere have markedly less cases than those in the north. At least it’s not October.

Time to get moving. Dogs are fed and been out once. Be smart, be safe and wash your hands and please don’t go anywhere that there are crowds. God Bless us all.

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