Another day

No results again yesterday so maybe today. We’ve sort of stopped expecting them. This should be a warning as to how together the govt. is and a let you know for sure, you’re basically on your own. I mean if they can’t even test people and then provide results within 8 days, how do you expect them to take care of you. What if you needed help in 5 minutes due to a home break in? Hope you have a gun. This isn’t so much a slam on them as how would you expect any small group of people to take care of 330 million people in a timely basis. it’s just not possible.

Lori seems better and better every day. Ty went snowboarding at Meadow Mountain down the street by himself late yesterday afternoon. He hiked up the hill and boarded down for about an hour. Jag, after Lori spoke with Madi’s mom, went over there for a few days. So it’s Ty, Lori and I for now. Madi’s family has been in isolation too. I heard the son of Dixie’s former housekeeper just showed up at her house yesterday so they (her and Michelle the caretaker) took him somewhere he needed to go. This is not social distancing! You may think me cold hearted but if you don’t know where someone has been for at least 7 days (and none of us do) and they are not healthy, do not let them in! Especially if you’re 88 years old. Hope they’re ok. I told Lori if her mom gets sick there’s no way for her to be able to get there. So please stay home and do not let anyone in unless you’re able to isolate them from you while they’re there. These are different times and changes and sacrifices to our lives need to made to get past this thing, at least for the next few weeks.

We’ve heard of a few people up here we know feeling ill. One of the teachers from the school when she heard about Lori offered to bring dinner tonight but I told her that’s not necessary but thanks. Sometimes things like this bring out the best in people.

We’re analyzing and adapting to the new normal, at least for now, as things come. I did have to go to the hospital for some prescriptions. I waited until 6 pm right before they were due to close, wore gloves and a mask and took a Ziploc bag to drop the scripts in to get them home so I could wipe them down with Clorox wipes. I went in not touching anything, paid cash with the exact amount ($20) and left without touching anything. The pharmacy workers said, “wow, you have the good mask”. Upon leaving I carefully removed the gloves and threw them away before I got in the car careful to take them off inside out so nothing touched my skin and put the mask in a Ziploc on the floor in the backseat careful not to touch the front of it. When I got home I wiped down the Ziploc bags before taking them in. I put the coat I was wearing in the garage for 2 days, took my shoes off outside and then wiped down the actual pill bottles too. The mask will hang in the garage for 3 days to kill any potential germs on it. Last I wiped my hair down to get any surface germs that could have fallen on me by chance, off. I also wiped down the car inside and out as a precaution. That’s it. All just to walk into a pharmacy where I was for less than 4 minutes. Yes I timed it. I came into contact with no one except the three pharmacists behind their counter who were wearing masks and at least 6 feet from me. I did take them each a bottle of wine and they looked at each other and one girl said “can we take this” and another said, “new rules, yes”. They were thrilled. That’s social distancing.

Have a good weekend, be safe, and God Bless.

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