Still no results

Been one week and no results. They say Monday or Tuesday but we’re hoping every day we hear. Lori still thinks she doesn’t have it which is now a running joke. Lori and I know instinctively not to touch our face, wipe down everything we touch and practice social distancing. The kids are staying home without objection and have accepted the fact they can’t go anywhere with anyone but are pretty much just being normal. I think even though I have a key I’ll skip the gym today.

We have plenty of food and supplies. If anything I could use more paper towel but we’ll be good for a month or so. Food is good for longer. Been sharing wine with some people as we have that too.

When Lori’s results come back she says no matter what they are, she’s tele-commuting. Her team is the only one left at the clinic. Dr. C has four surgeries Monday after skipping this week. I think by next week with all going on, her team will work from home too. Problem is some patients need follow up visits from surgeries a couple weeks ago. One of her nurses husband is a Vail Policeman. Last night Craig came down with a 101 degree fever and a cough. I said “Diana is staying home right” and Lori said of course. Eagle county has the most cases in the State. It’s from all the travelers that come here plus the Burton U.S. Open in early February I guess was a breeding ground. Of course Ty was in the thick of that. I think he drinks too much sugar to have anything grow in him.

California is on a total 100% lockdown. The whole country should be too. If everyone would just stay home for 2 weeks we could get a handle on this thing. There are promising signs like certain antivirals that are showing good things plus companies with vaccines in the works. We will get through this.

Both boys started distance learning. Jag has it down but Ty does better in a structured classroom. We’ll get through it though. I texted with Deb Rubin who’s doing well. Only 2 cases so far down where she is. Also texted with a friend who is an ER doc in Aspen. She’s scared, rightfully so, but working away. Feel so bad for the healthcare workers. In times like these you see what people are made of. You can have a surgeon who’s afraid to go to work but a nurse who steps up and attacks this on the front line not even thinking about herself.

Light snow last night and a warm up is coming. Home life isn’t too bad except for the couch. I’m getting used to it though. Work is crazy. We’re adapting to the new normal and finding creative ways to sell wine. I told my whole staff that everyone is going through the same thing and as I said yesterday, we’re at war. Overall they’re doing really well in this new reality.

Been looking at real estate in Wyoming. Lots of nice inexpensive cabins or houses. No State income tax! Might be a good move for a small vacation pad. Know that this isn’t the last pandemic or thing of this type we’ll see. Sadly more will come.

Time to run, not sure where, ha. Guess I’ll take the dogs for a hike and watch the sun come up. Take care, be safe and God Bless.

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