Last night I saw a program that talked about the town of Vo in Italy where they had the first death. It’s also where my Bocelli Prosecco is made so I am well aware of the town. Anyhow they tested most everyone, took the 90 people that tested positive and separated them from the other 3200 and within 2 weeks, all was good. That’s what we need to do here on a macro or nationwide level. If we do, we’ll win this war. Make no mistake, we are at was, humanity vs. the virus and we all need to do our part. Right now the big worry is the young people who are ignoring all warnings and advice. The beaches in Florida are packed with Spring Breakers and they’re partying like nothing’s going on. They need to shut those beaches down now.

Robi asked about Lori’s symptoms and timeline. I’ll try to lay it out best I can. I was hunting with James last Thursday and when we wrapped up around noon I called her to check in. Ty was home sick and when we spoke she told me she was home too. She immediately said she was sent home as a precaution for the virus as she had a fever. So first sign was a fever. Next up was the dry cough I think later that day and then I think the next day was the shortness of breath. So in about a 24 hour period she had it. Of course we hope to get the “official” results today but from everything I’ve read, she has it. After about 3 days her fever was getting better and her cough was subsiding. The shortness of breath and general feeling of weakness is still here but not as bad as it was, from what I gather. When she walked the dogs up the hill a few days ago she was abnormally tired compared to normal. They say you can have permanent lung damage if you have it really bad but most people get back to normal over time through cardio exercise whether it be walking or working out. We hope she will fully recover but there’s so many unknowns. She is feeling better every day so we think/hope the worst has passed. As far as where did she get it, that’s a mystery. No patient or person directly coughed on her so we have to assume it was just from normal contact with an infected person. They say surfaces hold it but I’m not too worried about that as I’ve been out a bunch and am sure I’ve touched something Lori’s touched like a railing on the stairs or something. We still use the same shower and bathroom just at different times. We do have two sinks in our master bath. The best way to avoid getting it I think, is to stay away from people meaning at least 6 feet. I was driving back from the house yesterday and the sun was coming straight through the windshield and when I was talking on the phone I could see droplets of moisture coming from my mouth. So that’s why the six foot rule.

Some good news is supposedly China had no new cases today. South Korea and specific towns in Italy have seemed to stop it too. Vaccines are being tested but again, people need to stay home and stay away from each other. Also people 20 to 50 years old are making up a large percentage of all new cases so it’s not just an old people’s problem. And by the way, this is the Wuhan Virus. It started there, came from there and wouldn’t be so bad if they (China) told us about it in December. Last week their propaganda machine even tried to blame the U.S. military. Of course some Dems are calling the President racist. Wonder if they did the same with the Spanish Flu?

I was down at the house and lots of guys were working away. Stone masons, dry wall guys, and other workers all going strong. A few pictures are below. We had insulation sprayed in and then bat insulation put on top of that for a super efficient house that will cost less to heat and keep cool. Exciting!

Little to no snow up here right now. Maybe a quarter of an inch. I think more’s coming or so they say. Ty has a history test here at home today over the internet for school and Jag has some kind of midterm. They’re both handling this isolation well. Jag went for a four mile run yesterday afternoon to get some exercise and Ty went skateboarding in front of the house. Lori also went up the hill again and was stronger than the day before.

Here in Vail or Eagle County, we’re hit hard. Next to Denver we have the most cases in the State. They say there are 400 people waiting for test results and possibly hundreds or even thousands of people are walking around (or hopefully staying home) with the virus. The mainstream news is trying to play gotcha with Trump trying to blame him for everything from a shortage of tests to the whole thing. Let’s be clear, the World has never seen anything like this, no one is prepared. The previous administrations, not just Obama but those before him too, didn’t prepare for anything like this. I think, from what I see, the President is doing a good job. He’s enlisted every law and agency we have to help. Everyone needs to come together here as like they say, the virus doesn’t care if you’re a democrat or republican, rich or poor, or black or white, so just stop.

That’s it, hope everyone is well. Assume everyone you run into is infected. I don’t think I am but that doesn’t mean I’d stop by and see Tom and Ali when in town. Plus Tommy’s smart enough to probably not let me in anyhow, ha.

Boys, you’re both handling this never before seen situation like troopers. It’s not normal to go from hanging out with your friends to all of a sudden not going anywhere. We’re really proud of you both for doing your part to kick this thing in the ass. We love you.

God Bless you all and here’s some pictures of the house showing the stone and siding and insulation in the bedroom and a couple of Ty from another time.

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  1. Robi says:

    Glad Lori’s getting better! I really feel for the people in the food and beverage industry! Everyone at The Farm where Billy is the grower were let go except for him. He was taken off his 55k salary and put on $15.00/hr part time until this passes -ugh! He just bought a house too! I’ve talked and talked and talked to him and on a good note he is now on the Trump bandwagon! House looks amazing! Got to run, I am going to the dentist. Robert thinks I should cancel but I think it’s probably one of the safest places to be. Having the cleaning girls come too, he’s not sure about that either. I’m still working too. As I tell everyone, my boss was Special Forces and he ain’t afraid or nothing! God Bless

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