You holding up?

It’s only been day 2 or 3 for most of us sheltering in place. So the question is, how are you doing? I did make it to Denver but kept my distance from everyone. I hit the dry cleaner, the grocery store, the meat market and the book store. I also had to stop at the bank. I took hand sanitizer with me everywhere and kept my distance from everyone.

When I made it home I headed to the gym to workout. As I think I mentioned they gave me a key so I could go in alone and have the entire place to myself! This is a really big deal if you know me as no way I can go two months or whatever it is without working out. The best part is that I can sing as loud as I want and no one hears!

We still don’t have Lori’s test results back but I now know she has the virus. She walked up the hill and was winded pretty quick and decreased lung capacity is one of the major tells. Good news is they say your lungs will come back from cardio. Her temperature is gone and they also say that when it’s gone for 72 hours she’s past the contagious stage. Of course all of this is so new that you just don’t know what to believe. Good news is she can breathe and never reached the point where she needed to go to the hospital. Praying that the worst of it is over. I told her that when they call and say “you have it” you can hopefully say, “no I had it”. There are multiple strains though so you don’t want to catch a different strain after you have had it.

The boys start Distance Learning today. Jag stayed home all day while Ty went for a bike ride by himself. Here’s one important thing, get outside! Your immune system needs sun. Up here and in Denver we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow and Friday. It’ll be a quick storm but it is snow. I think Denver is getting hit much harder than we will up here.

So anyone planning on reading a book? I bought a new one. Maybe we should start a virtual book club. Anyone in? That’s it, stay home, stay safe and God Bless.

Me alone at the gym!

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  1. Robi says:

    You go bro! I’m liking the light brown hair too! It would be interesting to hear Lori’s chain of events, where she thinks she contacted the virus, if she thinks she spread it to others and what the symptoms are/were. Might lessen the fear for some. My biggest fear about getting it is spreading it to others cause this needs to STOP!

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