Get ready for a crazy day

Today markets are imploding across the globe. Oil is crashing and the dollar is tanking. I’m installing emergency stop gaps at my work on all payments to foreign producers. I just can’t agree to such wild, abnormal swings in the Euro due to public panic. It’s too late to buy gold (maybe not!) and the markets and the World GDP are forecasted to lose 2.4 Trillion dollars from its economy. The Dow future markets are down over 1200 points mainly on oil crashing to $27 a barrel. Some say ride the markets out, others say get out now. Guess it depends on how old and brave you are.

Cases and deaths are up everywhere as this is now officially out of control. Robi, sadly I’m sure by the 28th the concert will be cancelled. There’s talk here of banning any gathering over 1000 people. I’ll be shocked if it’s not. The govt. says stay off cruise ships as we can no longer help you and do not fly unless you absolutely have to.

On the home front we topped off supplies yesterday and will continue each day with hard to find items. I’ll get some more macadamia milk today which has a long shelf life and is really good. Also getting some extra vitamin D and cold medicine and dog food.

Ty is off to DU for a college tour this morning and Jag starts lacrosse today. Lori will be back at work and I’m purging the garage. Hope you all are well and getting ready. Things will get worse before getting better. This is a fact. Good luck and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    I’m riding out the stock market, it always bounces back. Actually, now is the best time to throw down a bunch of money! We too have some extra food and necessities, we always do cause Robert likes to keep the cupboards stocked. Dry beans are a good one to have, you can live off of those for months. Fingers crossed that the concert won’t be cancelled. We are coming either way. If it is cancelled we can all go to Buckhorn Exchange. We are planning on going Thursday with Tommy but Saturday would even be better. Hope you didn’t spend the money I sent you for the tickets – hehe! Speaking of college, has Jag decided or narrowed it down to where he wants to go? Can’t believe he will be in college in 6 months, wow !

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