Tuesday the 10th

Sounds like the name of a King, Tuesday the 10th! Another day in the battle known as life. The boys are doing well working on lots of things. Ty felt a little ill last night after lacrosse and went to bed early after his trip to DU. He loved the school. Meanwhile Jag went to the top restaurant in the valley and sold himself to the chef and now has an internship at Spendido. Very cool.

Lori has new rules at the clinic. If any doctor or employee gets on any plane, they have to quarantine for 14 days! This is new as before it was only for patients but now all employees, even if they just flew from Eagle to Denver which is like 30 minutes, they must go into lockdown. No messing around up here.

Pearl Jam cancelled their Denver concert this weekend but no word yet on the Eagles. Robi commented it’s a good time to throw more money into the stock market. She’s a lot more brave or aggressive than me! Our floors are done and on the way from Italy. This is great news as we were a bit worried but they are letting commerce commence even though the entire Country is now on lockdown. All 60 million people, wow. Good news is our wine is now moving again.

Looks like 4 more confirmed cases here. Not sure where. Lori has clinic and I have to go to Denver for a few hours. Lori just told me I’m her best friend, how nice is that to hear! She of course is mine too. Time to get moving. Oh, is Joe Biden crazy or what? It’s not funny as it’s so similar to watching dad when the first signs of dementia kicked in. What’s funny is the Dems are all getting behind him trying to prop him up to be President. What a mess. Say what you will about Bernie but at least he’s all together mentally.

Time to go, 6:45. I’m almost 100% back to normal and feeling well. Hope everyone is doing well. Glad to hear Robi has lots of dry beans in the cupboard. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Yup I say the exact same thing about “Sleepy Joe”, I can tell. Others, Dems of course chalk it up to not being a very good public speaker. Not to worry cause nobody, nobody can beat the Donald! If the concert isn’t cancelled are you going to go? You can wear a mask, i’ll just pretend you are my cousin – hehe!

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