A good run

All good things come to an end and so did our basketball season. It was a great run with the boys going farther than any team from VMS in history. The boys should be proud.

After the game we went to lunch on the way home with Marty and Melanie, and Tom and Jennifer Ebner. This is our crew from the Stones concert. I have a stuffed and runny nose but my sore throat is gone.

Today they locked down all of Northern Italy, 16 million people. This is not good for work so I’m scrambling to get as much wine out of there that I can. It’s in lockdown until April 3rd. This is the first major quarantine of people outside of China. Wake up as it too could happen here. We’re headed down to the house this morning and will make a quick stop at Costco to top off supplies. I’m sure toilet paper and wipes are all gone but we’ll add some canned chicken and tuna to our stash. At this point you cannot have too much. They say we have 8 cases in Colorado which means we probably have 40 or 50. We know of “some” up here that haven’t been reported due to decisions made by people in power not wanting to panic the public. Don’t believe for a minute that you’re getting the whole truth from the govt. Again, watch what they do, not what they say. Word has it, due to the shortage of test kits, we’ve tested less than 2000 people in the whole country! This is way less than we should be able to test or than we need to test. It’s like pulling teeth to get tested, at least up here.

So things are going to get weird, trust me. Go to the store today and buy as much stuff, (food and toiletries) as you can. You are running out of time. No time to wait any longer. Also as soon as you read this, go so you beat the crowds. Social distancing, meaning staying away from groups of people or crowds will soon be the norm.

Good luck and God Bless.

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