Town Hall Meeting

Lori just told me she has a Town Hall Meeting at 7 and I’m dropping her so no time to waste. James and I spent the day in Aspen and had a blast. I’m not going to share any details of our day or friendship but man the stories and shit he has to deal with you wouldn’t believe if I told you. He’s having a tough time and it’s good that I (and Lori) can be there for him. More to come in the coming weeks as we have some things we’re working on that we might do. Anyhow being a mega-rock star with all the fame and fortune is not something I or he would wish on anyone.

I’m off to Denver today, tomorrow and Saturday as the next two days we need to get each boy. The house is coming along great and James and I met Lori there on the way home from Aspen. Our hats are freaking awesome. They’re like heirlooms and even make me look like a rock star. He said I look like one more than him, ha. Time to run, God Bless.

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