Valentines Day

No matter the holiday, Valentines Day, Easter, whatever, mom would always get us a card with something small, usually money as we grew older. She never forgot. Funny how that’s what I thought of first thing. Our power went out last night and just came on at 6 am. Ty lands in Denver at 3 pm this afternoon so we’ll head down around noon to get him and Sonny. Yesterday I was down and up by 2 pm. Tom called to tell me they were closing Vail Pass for avalanche work but when I made it there, it was thankfully open.

We didn’t get much cleaning or purging done this week. Lori worked a lot and I tried to take it easy but also worked a bunch. The kids are off next week so we’ll get them cleaning and packing.

That’s about it, no big plans today as we’re trying to save money. Hope you all are well, God Bless.

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