Doing well

We heard from Ty as he’s having a blast. We can’t reach Jag as he’s out on a boat with zero communication in the middle of the ocean. Only 2 and 3 days now until they’re both home.

Today James and I are taking a road trip to Aspen. Lunch was good. Without getting into too many personal details, he’s at a crossroad as is the band. At some point in our lives all of us question just what are we doing with our life. This is sort of the general place they are all in. In a way you could say (let’s hope so) that this episode will result in some positive changes. We talked about rehab, addictions and life in general focusing on where we both are at this point of our lives and just what’s important these days. While there are vast differences in how famous and wealthy we are, (he’s a little bit more famous and has more money than me if you were wondering) we’re a lot alike. He did say he told the band he just cant do 50 shows a year anymore. I told him do 12 and do them every other year, but only if you still like and enjoy it. Anyhow enough of our lunch as there was a lot more but I’ll keep that to myself. He did tell me how there were people in rehab for being addicted to their phones and social media big time. Not surprising if you think about it.

It warmed up big time here and felt like summer compared to the last week. As I said, the boys will be home soon and we miss them both. My Italy trip is officially off and we’re making some changes at work to coincide with our new German partners.

We’re up early as Lori is working out. I might go with her to walk the treadmill. Mojo wasn’t feeling well yesterday but seems better today. Harley is her same old puppy self. Think I’ll skip the virus segment today but suffice it to say, it’s not slowing down. The MWC (Mobile World Conference) in Barcelona which is one of the largest conventions in the World has had companies like LG, Navidia, IBM, Samsung and others, all pull out. I suspect we’ll see more of this in the near future. All I can say is what I said before, prepare as much as you can.

Here’s a couple pictures of Ty and his group in Chicago. He’s with Chloe and they’re doing their best Ferris Buhler pose!

Enjoy the day, God Bless.

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