Yesterday while I was shopping Lori received a text from Jagger’s girlfriend saying she has tested positive for mono! We don’t know if Jag has it or not and we won’t know until next week as there’s no way to get in touch with him. Chances are he doesn’t but Madi did say it’s going around Battle Mountain High School. She’s been traveling though as she was in Chicago late last week for a audition with Julliard and the weekend before that in Boston for her audition with Boston College. She’s a theater major and really good and trying to get into one of the performing arts schools. Meanwhile Ty texted last night from Second City which is where the likes of John Belushi and Dan Aykrod got their start. Ty gets home Friday and Jag on Saturday.

I’m doing better every day and today James and I are going to lunch for sushi. Big travel news, looks like my Italy trip is postponed. Not due to the virus but due to conflicting trips 10 days apart and budget constraints. Several of our guys are going to Prowein in Germany around March 15th so we decided to try to combine the trips into one. Thank God as I didn’t want to trounce through airports and sit in a metal tube for hours anyhow.

Not much snow up here overnight but it looks like Denver was hit with 4 or 5 inches. What a year. It’ll be good for us this summer though as water is gold in the West. It’s killing me that I can’t workout but I need to lay off for another six days. Lori is off tomorrow and I think making a few more decisions down at the house. James and I are taking a road trip to Aspen tomorrow to pick up our new hats that my friends made for us. They’ve been working on them for about six months. If you think back to last summer they made us some then too. Should be a fun little trip. I said I’d stay home and go to the house with her but Lori says it’s good that I go as James probably needs to hang with someone who doesn’t want anything from him. Guess that’s me as I just see him as another guy, even though he’s like one of the Beatles, ha. He’s all alone right now trying to recover from his relapse. Everybody has issues no matter who you are.

That’s it, watch your top knot! Look that up if you don’t know what it means. Time to go, God Bless.

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